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  1. DOOOODY Nov 03, 2014

    Quote by NanaDraw

    Quote by DOOOODY Thanks for the fav :)

    Nop, thank you for your beautiful work :D How many hour per week do you draw? ^^

    Hee hee :)
    Emmm, though I like drawing but I feel lazy and don't draw a lot...
    You can say 30 hours in a year XD , but if you consider the drawings for my studies you can say then I draw more than 12 hours in a day lol
    Anyway I didn't post any of my drawings on Minitokyo, so I'm sure you didn't see any of my drawings, why did you say that I draw? What made you think that I draw?

  2. DOOOODY Oct 17, 2014

    Thanks for the fav :)

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